Friday, 16 March 2018

A Favourite Saying

ˈtaɪm ju ɪnˈʤɔɪ ˈweɪstɪŋ | ɪz ˈnɒt ˈweɪstɪd ˈtaɪm

Key at bottom of page.


you: The symbol u represents the same vowel phoneme as the symbol . We use u in unstressed syllables and in stressed syllables. This distinction isn't very helpful for TEFL purposes and learners should simply treat the two symbols as the same. Because we are using two different symbols for one phoneme, this means our transcription isn't truly phonemic (phonemic transcription = one symbol for each phoneme).

not: Despite being a monosyllabic function/grammar word, not is usually stressed and does not have a weak form (except when it forms negative contractions like doesn’t, couldn’t, etc.).

wasted: The regular -ed ending has three pronunciations:
  •          /ɪd/ after /t/ or /d/
  •          /t/ after all other voiceless consonants
  •          /d/ after vowels and all other voiced consonants

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

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